1. CLEANSING – Skin is exposed everyday to pollutants and disposes external waste in pours, the CLEANSING process supports your skin in removing build up and bacteria.

2.   EXFOLIATING – Should happen twice a week, use roughage to remove dead skin cells, like a floor of a rain          forest we need to remove this to support new growth in the rainforest and skin.  Exfoliation stimulates circulation        and cell growth rejuvenation

3. PURIFYING & TONING– Medicine for your 3 layers of skin 1. epidermis 2. dermis 3. hypodermis. Start the repairing,  toning and hydrating of your skin at a deep cellular level (the hypodermis and dermis).  With deep hydration the skin can balance its own levels ensuring balanced/neutral skin

4. HYDRATION AND REPAIR – Further Hydration into the skin at a epidermis level, and with the use of ALOE VERA in the TONING/HYDRATION phase invite in the next treatment, this allows nutrients back in the skin, assists the skin, protects and strengthens the cells