PINK Organic Clay Mask

For sensitive or irritated skin and more extreme skin type with Rosacea Perfect for revitalising a dull complexion, leaving your skin with a gorgeous freshness resonating health and radiance.With a balancing pH 5 this weekly treatment also contains kaolinite, which helps cool, calm and soothe hot flushed or red skin
menopausal symptoms or sunburn.

The ultimate clay for regenerating and nourishing your skin.


  • For normal to dry, tired or maturing skin. High in anti-ageing qualities and renewing 
properties to make your skin glow with health and radiance.
The quick and gentle pick me up that helps firm, tone & soften your skin. 
As a firming bust treatment add the Antioxidant serum to create a paste.
The ultimate clay for regenerating and nourishing your skin.
 It’s naturally contained, active antioxidant ingredients lift and 
revitalise your skin leaving a more radiant, toned, smooth and soft appearance. Everything you need in a weekly super organic power-packed treatment.

  • The properties contained in Aloe Vera are highly generous in calming and soothing the skin.
 Marrying Pink clay with Aloe Lotion creates a powerful detoxifier, highly effective on sensitive and problem skin. 
Cooling, relaxing and tonifying, rich and revitalising. Its anti-inflammatory action soothes angry and challenged skin.

Ingredients: Kaolinite, mica, red iron oxide, trace of Quartz, Clinoptilolite, mordenite, quartz, smectite and mica

Apply to your face, neck, shoulders and body. Mix your clay in the palm of your hand with WN Aloe Lotion or Filtered water to make a paste then 
apply using your fingertips or soft Mask Brush painting an even film of clay onto the face, neck, shoulders and body. 

When dry to the touch rinse off under a shower or use a warm face cloth to steam off residue clay. 
Apply once a week after cleansing with WN Face & Body Wash 
Finish with Pure Organic Aloe Vera Face & Body Lotion to repair and tone. Then apply your WN Face & Body Milk then 
Foundation for protection, a great look and oil control.