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We know the feeling. It starts somewhere in the gut. It usually blossoms from there when there is a decision to make. It could be a confrontation between a Chamomile tea or a Baileys to relax you in the evening or something bigger like what job offer to take. Often you might feel like you should fight it, battling it back down to the root. We've listened and are reminded by our own mother's and grandmother's mantra: follow your intuition. There are signals to connect with your intuition and reason to trust that gut feeling.


We know when a question is asked in class, and we know the answer but we can doubt ourselves and don't raise our hand? Then, as it turns out, we were right? Our intuition is mostly likely always on point. It's just a matter of learning to trust it.

We Have Vivid Dreams

Dreams and intuition are both from the same place, our unconscious.
If we have vivid dreams, there's a chance that your intuition is on point because you're getting a wave of information from your unconscious. It might be a little frightening at first, but, this wave of intuition can be helpful in our approach to waking life. 

We're Empathetic 

We're in tune and highly senstive to what others are feeling. Everybody gives off a certain amount of energy ~ negative or positive. If we're intuitive, we may have empathetic tendencies and actually be able to feel how someone else is feeling. And, if we're in tune to what people feel, we're more likely to pick up on how to act and how to handle certain situations.

We're In Tune With Our Body 

Sometimes we just know when our body needs to rest. We can feel our body is getting worn down before we experience a physical symptom. Listen to this! It's important to trust that we know when something is feeling off.  Intuition is strongest when we know something inside ourself without needing it to be validated by another person.

We Analyse Our Safety

The one thing we should never doubt is the gut feeling that "I'm not, or my family isn't safe". Simply put, if we feel uncomfortable or unsafe, we trust our gut and take action to ensure our personal safety and the safety of our family. Sometimes we see dangers that others cannot and we hold a respponsibility to act. 


We pick something up quickly

And I'm not talking about our childrens dirty washing here (LOL) .....

You know the saying: it's like riding a bike. You just know how to do something. As reported in a study by the University of Chicago  "while novice golfers did better when they thought carefully about their putts, the performance of more experienced golfers got much worse when they reflected on what they were doing." Fundamentally,  if you're an expert at something, you've developed instinct and muscle memory. Don't overthink it. Just trust your gut.... 


The Right people are drawn to us (and we to them) and we let Go Of The Right People too

We might be hanging out with new friends who seem charming, larger than life and over the top but our intuition is totally on point if you can see through the smiles and wit and see integrity. Our intuition is strong when we experience a negative or positive emotion, in the presence of someone or something that may not be healthy for us or may be exactly who and what we need at this time. It’s a sense. A feeling. A trusting.


We know what's best for ourselves and our family

 Say no more.

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