"why are women, in particular, spending all this time thinking about what they put on their face and skin, eating organic food, and cleaning their house with nontoxic cleaning products, but no one has any idea what's in the products that are going inside one of the most absorbent parts of their body that's sitting inside of them for several years of their life?"

When there is choice, why wouldn't we opt for a natural lubrication Australia to avoid applying harsh or potentially unsafe substances to sensitive areas. Especially when these areas are often dry and sensitive.

All products listed are for every day use in your skincare routine and this is just another great everyday (and night) use from these award winning choices. 


With only five simple ingredients you have the choice of an Oil based or Aloe Vera (water soluble) base.

All choices are natural and organic Lubricant for Women, vegan, and hypoallergenic.

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