Rebuilding and Establishing a New Paradigm

January 08, 2020 2 min read

New Paradigm

As we try and support others rebuild we must also rebuild a new life for Australia and our planet.

It can truly no longer be business as usual and we must all look inwards, heal any disconnect with nature and take action to make wise choices.


We are a community if anything these last weeks has shown how deeply we care and what we are willing to do to help others.

So we must do the same for our planet.

We can no longer be complacent, racing through our days without a thought to our precious resources. As our water crisis continues we must all be mindful of where we can reuse and recycle water in our daily lives. How long we take our showers, making sure the machine is full before washing our clothes- there are many ways. We must slow down, be thoughtful and each do our part.


We stand in solidarity with the victims of the country’s bushfire crisis and work toward regeneration and meaningful change.

Likewise, there must be immediate action for forest regeneration and habitat repair.

With what remaining animals Australia has left the largest problem now will be the loss of habitat and food.

There is no place for the policies of this current government on deforesting, the fires have made sure of that.


Now is the time to connect to Nature and learn the value of rewilding.


Besides making changes and putting political pressure on, you need to look after yourselves. We cannot be of use to others if we are stressed out, anxious and traumatized. You need to be your best self in order to stand up for our planet, remember- Self-care is not selfish!


It is natural to feel overwhelmed, sad and hopelessness but don’t get stuck there, move forward, go for a bushwalk, appreciate the beauty of what is remaining and what we have to hold on to. Connect with nature and help it heal.

As we work to heal the earth, the earth heals us.




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