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Fair Complexion l  Botanical look

Wild Nature Fair shade, Skin sensitive Makep range is simply gorgeous and entirely breathable for your skin. Botancially coverage without the heavy feeling. Nourish and shield your skin from the elements. Protection against the wind, sun, air-conditioning, pollutants, differnt seasons, and different environments.

  • Why It's Nourishing
  • What's Inside
  • How To Apply

    The perfect Makeup kit for your everyday with 20+ Sun and Environment care. Absolute confidence that you look fresh without being overdone. 
    Wild Nature Makeup range cares for your skin with its award winning ingredients that protects you from the sun and environment.

    Everything you need in one click
    Wild Natures award winning  Liquid and Powder Foundation naturally conceals, protecting with SPF 20+ Sun care. All in one application. Great coverage to even out skin, covering imperfections, giving you a fresh healthy all day look that lasts.

    Choose between a deeper toned Blush to add subtle freshness to the apples of your cheeks and highlight cheekbones or Golden Sheer Bronzer to create a healthy, natural and fresh look that enhances and highlights your cheek bones and defines your face by contouring.

    There is no better way to define your eyes than by enhancing your lashes with Mascara… just simply a must!

    Finish by protecting, nourishing, defining and celebrating your lips. Chose from Wild Nature range of base Conditioning Lipsticks or request a gloss instead. Both easily create a glamorous or more casual look and finish. All options are for everyday, every season and any outfit.

    Whichever you chose, you’re in great hands for a special easy application and easy look that is water resistance, virtually sweat proof, & wear proof in 100% chemical free Makeup. 100% natural purity, quality and performance.

    SPF 20+/ 30+  Natural protection, Fragrance-free, Non-acnegenic,  Vegan, 
    MEDIUM TO FULL COVERAGE / ALL SKIN TYPES No Animal Testing's Hypoallergenic & Oil Free

    Your  Botanical Beauty kit contains: 
    Your choice of Powder Foundation and Liquid Foundation Suncare+
    Concealer/Highlighter Stick and sharpener
    Your choice of Wild Nature Blush or Bronzer 
    Wild Nature Kabuki Brush 
    Wild Nature Mascara
    Your choice of Wild Nature Conditioning Lipstick or Gloss

     Skin is the true foundation so always start with a good skincare routine

    Makeup will always look its best if your skin is glowing so prep and care before you apply your makeup

    The ingredients are without allergens and perfect for sensitive skin, SPF 20+ natural protection, Organic and Natural, Vegan,Gluten Free,Naturally Preserved, Water resistant, For All skin types, No Animal Testing & 100% chemical free form. 100% natural purity, quality and performance.

  • With easy and quick application (59 seconds to be precise), your face will appear completely natural and unblemished, from morning until night.