Eye Shadow No.2 - Soft Undertone Shimmer (2g)

Wild Natures highly pigmented, all natural undertone shadow can be worn by every skin tone and eye colour. Applies silky-smooth with a creaseless finish with a perfectly natural texture that’s both soft and smooth with subtle shimmer.

This long-wear eyeshadow can be worn as eyeshadow or eyeliner.


A combination of pure natural pigment that provides coverage and colour intensity.
Natural micas create simple earthy soft shades for a little colour or blended Cool deep earth tones or moody undertones to create a story.
Perfect for the conscious client and the sensitive eye with gentle calming natural ingredients, free from artificial colours, preservatives & fragrance


Sweep Wild Nature Shadow Shimmer No. 2 Mirage Undertone Shimmer over entire eyelid with brush. To use as eyeliner, define the lashline from the outer to inner corner of the eye with the brush tip. Smooth outward. Beneath the lashline, work from the outside of the lid inwards. With the tip pointing towards the outer corner, smooth inward.

With pure natural ingredients allow easy application whether applied neat, blended or layered, worn wet or dry.


Versatile, long-lasting, hypoallergenic without colorants, synthetic chemicals, perfumes, talc, dyes, fillers or irritants.

SPF 20+ natural protection,Organic and Natural,Vegan,Gluten Free
Naturally Preserved, Water resistant, All skin type, No Animal Testing