Liquid Foundation Suncare OLIVE + LIGHT (2 Colours to Blend)

ūüíĖ TIPS: Most of our customers enjoy 2 colours on hand ( Light & Olive), and combine them to get the desired colour all year round. ūüíĖ

Our skin tone changes throughout the year, this way you get the perfect colour for you, every-time. Sometimes neat, sometimes blending.

This is your last step in protecting your skin from the sun, wind, air-conditioning and pollutants... naturally, organically, botanically.

Imagine you have an organic cotton "T" Shirt protecting your skin and you've imagined this gentle protective layer that allows your skin to breath and be cared for.

Your complete 3 in 1 everyday foundation. Beautiful healthy coverage, rich in minerals that feed your skin with moisture, sunscreen and antioxidant protection. An oil-free formula free from harsh chemicals and parabens. Perfect for sensitive skin and protects your skin from the sun with SPF of 20+.

Smooth in the application, quickly absorbed, flawless in look.



All in one  
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Love love love these 2 foundations - they're light, smooth and its all you need. Saves time as it has everything in the one application - moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation. And depending on my skin and its colour which varies throughout the year.. I've always go the perfect colour for my skin


I need this and my mates don't know I'm wearing it

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As a guy that likes full coverage for everyday use and surfing, but also needs a natural looking result, this mineral foundation is a must, it blends through stubble  easily and evenly, the magic of Wild Nature Tinted Suncare is its ability to create whatever coverage I need, and that varies day by day, season by season.
I also really like the matt masculine finish.... and so does my girlfriend.


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I love these Colours

I like the Medium colour foundation as a change for summer. Your foundation is the only one I like to use because it doesn't irritate my skin and I like the matte finish.

I did receive 3 free samples, thank you.

In answer to your question, I would love to hear your 5 extra tips. Could you also please remind me what the difference is between your Daily Repair Oil and the Antioxidant Serum.

Jenni L