Eczema/psoriasis/irritated ~ Repair & Maintain Essentials

Infuse your skin with Wild Nature’s carefully formulated organic skincare regime to significantly help calm, protect, build and maintain sensitive skin affected by Rosacea.

Packed with potent natural and organic ingredients, vitamins and minerals to strengthen, enrich, calm and help manage your skin to help deliver outstanding results- with a bonus history of significant results and lots of TLC.
This easy routine provides care for all ages.

Your REPAIR ESSENTIALS kit contains:

  • Organic Clay Mask - white 91g
  • Face and Body Exfoliant 200ml
  • Face and Body Wash 250ml
  • Face and Body Organic Aloe Vera Lotion 125ml
  • Face and Body Milk 200ml
  • Repair Oil 200ml
    Face and Body Cream 91g