12 Tips & Tricks Used By women who age well naturally

September 29, 2022 4 min read 1 Comment

12 Tips & Tricks Used By women who age well naturally

Tips and tricks
Feeling confident and positive on the inside should also be reflected in our skin and attitude to life. We know exercise and training works and we know this is a lifestyle choice, not a once a week or one off thing... so here's some great "must do's" to help us get there everyday ....


Water and drink regularly there is nothing more hydrating for your body and your skin than simple water.. nothing added and not too cold

As soon as I get up I always have a glass of water it kick-starts my System and makes my mind feel like I actually care about me (that I matter) before anything else. 



We spend so much time actively caring for our body, now its time to consciously exercise your face muscles with Your Easy Exercise Facial Routine



Keep it basic and regular. Feeding your body with water and gently awakening your skin with natural ingredients, helps ignite your intenso and external body and sends your brain the message that you care about youThis and a little breakfast is everything you need to get the morning started…

For me exfoliating really kicks my skin into action and along side a light moisturiser and my essential antioxidant serum and sun protection sun care plus (light).. at 51 it’s really game changing for my skin.

With minimal makeup I rely on gorgeous Dewey hydrated skin and nothing does that like the simple steps above and a mask twice a week. My mask keeps moisture in my thirsty skin and I always apply for your facemask brush leave on for about 10 minutes and then remove.

With darker circles around my eyes I brighten with my eyes serum and always apply my magic stick concealer under my eyes and especially around my nose and any broken capillaries then flip to use the highlighter for the corners of my eyes and above my cheekbones which is just that amazing little trick that makes my eyes look fresh and youthful (both pale yellow tinted and designed to instantly brighten and colour correct).

Simple and effective Skincare Routine only a few steps each morning at night.



Do you Forget to take care of your lips did you know that you need to use sunscreen on your lips as well. Exfoliating your lips is just as important as the rest of your skin and helps to soften and get the bloodflow and some gorgeous colour back. 



this is a great tip we are not using a lot of make up. You still want to look chic so the first thing is to put a little cream on all the areas that highlight your features.. cheek bones, eye brows and lashes and lips especially! Apply a tiny amount to your eyebrows and brush them and then do the same with your lashes.. it’s the gorgeous way to open your eyes and to look more awake. 

Apply a tiny amount of lipstick or blush to your lips and then a tiny bit of cream to give that gorgeous healthy look. 



your mindset, your wonder, the sense of hope, a feeling of making the most out of every moment will exude health which creates a glow and an energy that is intoxicating … your face transforms into a twinkle in the eye, a softening and a sense of well-being of sharing the moment. And there is nothing more beautiful than that energy and the response from your face and body for others to enjoy.



Your gorgeous smile with healthy teeth make you, you.  



Just another tip that gives your skin a fresh rejuvenated natural appeal. Organic Aloe Vera in its pure form is known historically for its deep tissue benefit in taking care of you and your skin. It can reduce redness and puffiness which makes your skin look incredible. A gentle mist that falls in your face to refresh and revitalise you anytime you need. 



Besides awesome and simple skincare and internal health, styling your hair makes a statement of angelic cool and frames your face, sharing the responsibility. It’s worth talking to your hairdresser about what is the best style for you and your lifestyle and age. It sounds incredibly superficial but can make your day when you see something you love. 



I wish someone had told me years ago how much your eyebrow shape and a little style can change the way you see your eyes and face. It sounds crazy but a little tidy up can make an unbelievable difference and well worth trying. 



Falling in love with yourself is one of the most beautiful relationships you can have, for yourself, your family and your community. When you see someone in you that is confident and kind and positive, you’ll not only feel spirited, you’ll change peoples experience and attract more like minded souls … we have one life and to contribute positive energy into a world that often needs it is the best work and gift that we can ever give. 



We know the sun damages our skin far more than anyother effect so why not protect your skin with a great suncare plus and an extra step in tinting your cars skin. Brilliant!!!


Cant wait to see your additional tips and tricks so please comment and share.

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sarah jones
sarah jones

September 29, 2022

Love this… especially tinting the car windows – that’s so clever! Ive always had a simple skin care routine, I cleanse apply my Aloe lotion then antioxidant Serum and Milk and finish with my sucare plus olive foundation .. last thing is I add Wild Nature’s blush 3 to my cheeks, eye lashes and lips .. Great Blog xx

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