For 28 Years these Have been Our TOP 8

September 15, 2021 8 min read

For 28 Years these Have been Our TOP 8

The most valuable gift you can give yourself and your children is care.. for the mind and body... the gift of loving ingredients that feed the body inside & out..
The Search ends here.

Your Top 8 MUST Haves

Work independently and synergistically together to achieve the results you want, and we expect.
Each one is just as effective – if not MORE effective – than their non-natural counterpart. And that's without all the toxic ingredients, dubious environmental practices use of animal products and animal cruelty that have ruled cosmetic hair and beauty products. And he whole family use them.


Whether our skin is dry or oily, a gentle light moisturiser that works and leaves ourskin fresh and delicious is essential. Add that it works for the whole family of any age or gender and its a winner!!!

Wild Nature Milk is light & conditioning that leaves your skin soft, smooth and naturally fresh. Pure Organic Aloe Vera, Ylang Ylang, Geranium and essential properties blend beautifully to keep skin hydrated when dry and balanced from oil.
This is a lovely, light, everyday moisturiser that just feels and smells so fresh on the face. One of our best organic skincare products for al skin types and perfect as a Primer for sunscreen and foundation.

For mature skin or particularly dry skin, apply after your Antioxidant Serum.
Sandy R. is new to Wild Nature and we couldn't be happier for her and her skin..
"Works well. Feels nice. No overwhelming perfumes, which is great.
I like this product. I bought it because the moisturiser that I've used for nearly 40 years is no longer being made. So far so good. it's working well in my usual environment."

Rebecca R"when everything else reacts,wild nature is the one thing that gives my skin peace and tranquility, thank you"



Finding the right cleanser for an ever changing skin type, dry, oily or combination skin is not always easy. Many cleansers are too harsh and strip the skin of its natural oils, some are ineffective at cleansing the skin properly and some exacerbate acne or rosacea. 

Our Wash strikes the right chord. It is a lightly foaming wash that gently removes excess oil and impurities without depleting the skin of its natural oils. It is a simple recipe that works for all skin types because it gets to the core rather than the superficial surface. With 20% Organic Aloe, your wash is a treatment and cleanser and concentrated and like all our products, is vegan and free of wheat, gluten, nut products, palm oil, surfactants and artificial scents.

Every ingredient is there to do the job, and help give photo protection and improve skin appearance and hydration.

And here are another two, of many testimonials we've received:

Deanna H. "Long term user;My family and I have been using this product for close to 15yrs. It's still amazing after all these years. We at times try another supermarket brought body wash, but frankly nothing compares!"

Lottie L."Soothing...I've been struggling with itchy skin and so far this is proving really soothing".


Who doesn't want a hydrating, antioxidant-enriched serum that restores visible radiance for dull, dry skin while fighting against environmental attack and the appearance of sun-damaged skin. Really!! If we were on a desert Island we know what wouldn't be forgotten ....

Here are just two of many testimonials we've received:
Kerry Y"I am totally convinced afterafter using this for over five years now, it has helped anti age my skin - particularly in the neck area!"
Lisa F."WILD NATUREAntioxidant Serum,It's the nectar of the Goddess, love this product so much it makes my skin glow".



Say it with us: "I will apply sunscreen every single day, just like mum said."  It's easy and essential to seamlessly slip this into your morning skin-care routine because there's natural & Organic SPF already in the formula. Even better, we do it without compromising texture, scent, or effectiveness.. and the look is natural and simply gorgeous.

The dual concept is straightforward. Moisturise (without any chalky white residue) while protecting our skin from the sun's harmful rays, air-conditioning exhaustion, pollutants destruction and winds force..

Simply put, it's like putting an organic 't'shirt on, over your face.. you can still see you, still breath and protect (all in one)— and on a larger scale, we're helping our skin to guard against skin cancers. 

Just note, as with any sun protection, you still need to re-apply every two hours in order to stay protected.

Have a read of these 5 STAR Testimonials:
Lori M."Liquid Foundation.I have been using the Liquid Foundation Suncare Light for several years now and find it the only foundation that FEELS and LOOKS natural on my skin. It blends in blemishes and I don't feel like I have any on. LOVE it"
Louisa S."Amazing!Love this product and have been using for 2 yrs now I will continue using and can highly recommend it.
Blends and feeds whilst protecting your skin from UV-rays.❤️"

5.FACE & BODY Exfoliant

Gently reform your skin Miss P. "Love it!Gives a perfect exfoliation and leaves the skin feeling soft! My now go to exfoliant."

Gill M"Fabulous face and body exfoliant!I love the face and body exfoliant. It is very gentle but you can feel it sloughing away your dead skin cells. Afterwards your skin feels extremely moist and lubricated. I keep mine in the shower and use it on a different part of my body every day".

Dry skin, chapped skin, eczema, rosacea, couperose skin, flaky skin – whatever your skin condition, this first aid kit in a spritz will help calm and hydrate your skin of any age, at the cellular level. It contains incredibly rich, healing ingredients and the smallest amount goes a long way, lasting months when applied 2-3 times daily. Here's what some of our biggest Aloe fans say:

6. Face & Body Lotion

Wild Nature Pure Organic Aloe Vera is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins that may help protect your skin. The important compounds in aloe vera have also been shown to neutralize the effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, repair your skin from existing UV damage, and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles. And it's easy to add this to your simple daily routine for any age, making it the ideal family must have.

June H
."This lotion immediately stopped itchy skin on my neck, shoulders and back. Very easy to apply and non greasy and not strong smelling"

Jennifer"This product together with the face and body exfoliant make my skin feel smooth, soft and rejuvenated. I love that I can use the same products on my face and body".

Margaret "I always love my lotion & wouldn’t Di without it. After a gym workout it’s refreshing to use"
Leah "My skin loves this product. Kind to my body and good for my soul". 


7.Face & Body CREAM
Rich yet non greasy. with all the following benefits in helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Help to even out skin tone, prevent and reduce inflammation, deliver nutrients crucial to skin health, keep skin hydrated and get stuck into severely dry ageing skin to maintain overall health skin appearance!!

I can not begin to explain what a LIFE SAVER this cream has been for so many over the years.. from new born babies to our big group of 50+!

Customers with eczema (or some form of dermatitis including rosacea on their face and body must try this). This cream will feel and give you what your skin needs! Combined with your other essentials including WN SunCare (No.4 above), your skin will heal and feel wonderful and literally no one will know you have sensitive or damaged prone skin.

Here's a few reviews to help support your decision:
Natalia M. "This is an amazing product very concentrated, last a lifetime, just what I needed"

Janet W. "Fabulous I live in England and brought this product 15 years ago at a market fair. Amazing been sending for it ever since. Stay safe 💟😘"

Lisa F. "Face and Body Cream.Awesome products that actually do what Wild Nature say they do. Quick delivery."

Mel L "Our first aid kit in a cream.. we always say - if in doubt grab our Wild Nature miracle cream. Our whole family uses it, including our dog and I cant live without it as my night cream!"


8.Repair oil

A few drops dabbed on your face and body after a light cleanse will penetrate, nourish and repair. With a high does of Pure Organic Aloe Vera & Calendula oil this is perfect morning and night to help repair your skin while you're active and while you sleep. Your Repair oil can be applied and left to penetrate a few minutes before using your day Milk or night Face & Body cream.
Ideal  to help repair dry, red, irritated sensitive skin and throughout your pregnancy or for teens going through puberty. A must for our family.

Lottie L. "Finally found you!I stumbled across the repair oil more than a decade ago at a market in Margaret River. It was the best body oil I had ever used. Unfortunately we had to move away and I forgot the name of the company, but I knew nature was in the name. A decent google search later and I found you! Placed an order and it's just as amazing as it was before".
Leanne M. "Fantastic products and service.I love the daily repair oil I use it face hands body cant go without it I tried the hair serum and is perfect for my hair looks so much better thankyou for the free samples they are great"


Bill S. "My wife and Ihave been using the Daily Repair Oil for several years... mostly on our faces... and we love the way it keeps our skin smooth and moisturized without being greasy. Highly recommended".

It's not difficult to pick our favourite's and it's reinforced with how many of us use the refill sizes of each, making it more environmentally friendly and far more economical.

I would always prefer to lead with intuition and my heart but to have this backed up with the stats is gold. Even when our customers explore, its wonderful to welcome them home...

Lorraine R."I always come back to these products! I was buying them from someone in Sydney but now with COVID happy to buy online. Quick delivery too".
In Summary, Louisa S. summed it up beautifully last month giving her routine
Foundation, Antioxidant Serum, Face & Body Milk & Exfoliate
"Super happy with all my products I’ve repurposed, the foundation is fantastic blends to your tones whilst feeding & protecting your skin from UV-rays. Love all the products.the body & face milk is the perfect moisturiser for day and night time you can add the oil as an extra if you need for a night cream.
Many thanks Louisa"


There are many more testimonials like these on every product page if you'd like to read more about our best organic skincare products, or find out what the special ingredients are that make this product so wonderfully healing.


Are you a fan of any of the products in our top list? If so, leave a comment below and tell us what you love about it to go into our giveaways.



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