Leaving a Toxic relationship

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Leaving a Toxic relationship

Here's to Gorgeous Hair Naturally

We all try to do the right thing for our body, our family our home and our environment.... but sometimes when we do, we're left a little deflated because some just don't work and they've left uncertainty when buying again. This is a story we hear frequently from customers who have tried natural and organic or botanical products. Well, look out, it’s time to connect the dots... natural organic ingredients put together that work!

Join me now in the quest for gorgeous luscious rich hair, naturally and organically. and like all things worth working through ... it's a beautiful journey of self-discovery, a little patience and a whole lot of love and fantastic results even for the most challenging, thin, "can't do anything with it' kind of hair.

After 25 years of educating and supporting our gorgeous customers, who certainly came to us unsure and hesitant (body language is the best indicator), it's time to reconnect with nature confidently for the results that you want, and we expect.

So many of us were under the impression that making the switch to natural products is hard and disappointing ... Well from hundreds of reviews and experience. we’re here to tell you, it really doesn't have to be. 
Follow these steps to rediscover your scalp hair and shine.


Dont expect a Hollywood lather 

Get ready, your shower experience is about to change

Contrary to popular belief, the bubble factor of a product is not an accurate indicator of cleanliness.

Shampoo bubbles are simply a chemical reaction caused by surfactants (surface active agents); the 4 main types used in shampoos are sodium laureth sulphate, ammonium laureth sulphate, sodium lauryl sulphate, and ammonium lauryl sulphate. When these compounds are mixed with water, they create a chemical reaction that causes Shampoo and cleansers to lather.

Let's reconnect cleanliness to natures ingredients of being fresh, and balanced. Knowing that it’s not just a nice thing, it works!

Washing without lather will be weird at first, but just remember, bubbles should be connected with Champagne, not your face, scalp, hair and body care.

 A Fresh New Start


Ending the toxic relationship 

toxic substances do not need to be removed with more toxicity... two wrongs don’t make a right.

So, hold my hand as we walk through a few moments as we ger rid of the toxins from everyday life, and the products you have been using that hold toxic ingredients. Allowing the hair to eliminate long term toxins like silicon, is often the biggest challenge when switching to natural. just breath! 

For years, many of us have used supermarket or salon silicones that we've connected to price and sometimes a heavy price with a super known star of the industry or socials. 

Big Note: Your hair will need time to transition. It can take days or sometimes weeks (the cycle of cell rejuvenation) for your scalp and hair to adjust when making the switch. During this time, your hair may go a little rebellious, feeling weighty, even possibly a little oilier and your scalp may even be itchy. Just breath knowing all good things take adjustment and make the commitment so that you don’t go back to that old sweetheart (the old co-dependency) This is your scalp and hair and mind detox - so make a note of the possibility.

After a few washes, your scalp will adjust, and your hair will likely look healthy, shiny and feel more balanced from root to tip. Think of it as an unhealthy relationship; leaving might be hard, but once you stick it out, you’ll never look back. Good things take time!





Healthy Scalp equals healthy hair?

Imagine thinking about your scalp, a healthy scalp can’t help but produce the healthiest hair. Just because we can't see it, in most cases, doesn't mean it's not the ducks feet working hard under the water’s surface to create the most beautiful bird above the water line... if we understand this, then we understand the nurturing needed to care for a sensitive soul who is incredibly reactive to toxic ingredients.  And it doesn't stop there, what we apply to our scalp, makes its way to our feet in the shower, its gravity, so we must care for our body when we decide what we use for our hair... and this extends to our children and our family. 

And interestingly, the chemical absorption rate on your scalp and forehead is approximately 4 times greater than the absorption rate on your forearms!

A Gift for a damaged scalp. Going natural with something that works goes beyond the aesthetics of gorgeous healthy rich locks, we are actually getting to the root literally, creating health internally with a gorgeous positive vibe and gentle ingredients and a healthy scalp to help long term deeper issues such as psoriasis and dandruff.


A health breathing scalp with healthy stronger hair follicles brings repair from the inside out. With healthier hair follicles and the breakdown of product build-up (from nasties), your hair will spring to joy, with shine and perhaps even greater strength and thickness with every new strand. 


Where it goes, everybody knows 


Now to the Environment

We know where our pipes go. on some properties, straight to the garden. On others, through our city’s pipelines and eventually back to nature itself...  we know that toxic ingredients create a toxic environment so choosing nature can only deepen a gentle unprovoked landscape for our water systems, oceans and our ecosystems.

Nature in its simple sophistication... you were born, you have a place on this earth and you have a tribe to support your natural instincts to shine, be and look gorgeously you, smart, kind and energised.

Making the switch to natural is the only choice and is a responsible decision for you and your family, our planet and our future.

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